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Where should the jack top the car

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Jack is widely used in cars. Put a jack in the trunk before going out. Once a tire burst occurs on the road, the tire needs to be replaced. As long as there is a jack, you can easily solve the problem yourself. It saves most of the time and money.

Schematic diagram of automobile jack

We all know that a jack can lift a car, so what position should the jack be fixed on the car chassis when using it?

In the process of lifting, the jack bears great pressure from the body. If the action point is relatively fragile, it will inevitably cause heavy damage to the chassis of the car.

Generally, the jack should act on the raised position on the side beam close to the replaced tire. The raised edge is generally two-layer, and the grooved end of the jack should be engaged with it. Before jacking, it's best to loosen the tire nut to be removed for one turn before lifting.

Jack is the guarantee of people's travel. Do a good job in the use of Jack before travel.

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