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What should I bring with my car kit

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What should I bring with my car kit?

1. Vehicle tools. Vehicle tool is a necessary professional tool on the vehicle, because there are tools we use in emergency in the toolbox, such as wrench, conventional screwdriver, electric tape, casing and other system tools.

2. Tire pressure monitor. Tire pressure monitors are now available on high-end vehicles. Tire pressure monitors are used to detect the tire pressure of the vehicle in real time to avoid tire burst accidents. However, some low-end cars still don't exist. If not, we can go shopping on and install them. Now the installation is also very convenient.

3. Tachograph. Dash cam is basically equipped for new cars now, so that we can face the complex driving environment during driving and avoid porcelain collision accidents. Provide yourself with a favorable evidence.

4. Reversing radar and rear view. Some of our car friends buy low configuration vehicles without reversing radar and rear-view camera. We must add one to our car, because there are more and more cars and the driving environment is complex. Having reversing radar and rear-view mirror can provide us with more convenient reversing. This avoids some scratching.

5. Inflation pump. Inflation pumps are also available in many cars. When our tires are punctured and flat, we can inflate the tires in time. Now the inflation pumps are double pump heads with inflation blocks and low noise. Convenient and fast.

6. Equipped with automobile toolbox (trailer connecting ring, Jack, etc.), standing medicine, tire pressure gauge, escape hammer, rope, tape or insulating tape, hanging wire, pulley rope, flashlight, etc. At present, cars are usually equipped with car toolbox, usually trailer connecting ring, Jack, etc. However, due to the limited application scope of these tools, it is suggested to develop a set of special trolley maintenance tools on the automobile, including plum blossom and hexagonal covers of various specifications, which is very useful for automobile maintenance.

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