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What are the different functions of different types of high pressure cleaning machines

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High pressure cleaning machine is one of the important equipment in the cleaning industry. It is connected to the high-pressure water pump through the high-pressure outlet pipe for cleaning. A machine that uses a power unit to make a high-pressure piston pump produce high-pressure water to wash the surface of an object. It can remove dirt and flush to clean the surface of objects. Because high-pressure water column is used to remove dirt, high-pressure cleaning is also one of the internationally recognized scientific, economic and environmental protection cleaning methods. Different types of high-pressure cleaning machines have different performances and uses. Selecting and matching them can give full play to the cleaning effect and function of high-pressure cleaning equipment.

It can be divided into three categories: household, commercial and industrial. Domestic high-pressure cleaning machine, generally with low pressure, flow and service life (generally within 100 hours), pursues portability, flexible movement and simple operation. Second, the commercial high-pressure cleaning machine has high requirements for parameters, high frequency of use, long service time and long service life. In addition to general requirements, high-pressure cleaning machines often have some special requirements in industry. Water washing is a good example.

Comparatively speaking, ordinary high-pressure cleaning machines are widely used, and their structures are also composed of pipes, high-pressure nozzles and high-pressure nozzles. There are high-pressure nozzles of different sizes, which can adapt to various cleaning objects. In addition, the pipeline also has a length to meet the needs of different users.

The other is the high-pressure hot water cleaning machine. Because it adopts special materials, it has excellent heat resistance. In addition to the high-pressure pump, the structure is also equipped with a heating boiler, which can heat the water temperature through the boiler to generate high-temperature and high-pressure water jet to clean the oil stain in various equipment and pipelines.

High pressure cleaning machine and ultra-high pressure cleaning machine are different in pressure. At present, the pressure of ordinary high-pressure cleaning machine is more than 100 kg, and most places can meet the requirements. The pressure of ultra-high pressure cleaning machine can reach 500kg. Ultra high pressure cleaning machine is also a common cleaning equipment. Its high-pressure pump can produce ultra-high pressure water flow, and the high-pressure nozzle is made of special materials, which is very hard and wear-resistant. The high-pressure water jet is very penetrating and can cut metal and non-metallic materials, and even reinforced concrete materials.

Ultra high pressure cleaning machine can also open holes in these materials. This kind of high-pressure cutting water gun plays a magical role and greatly improves the cutting effect and quality. In short, various high-pressure cleaning machines have different purposes and play different functions and roles.

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