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What are the car maintenance tools

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Introduction to necessary tools, general and special tools for automobile maintenance

General tools:

General tools often used in the process of automobile maintenance are: hammers, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers and other common tools that we can easily see in our daily life. Hammers and screwdrivers must be familiar to everyone. Xiaobian won't say much here. Xiaobian focuses on introducing pliers and wrenches to you. There are many kinds of pliers. The necessary tools for automobile maintenance include carp pliers and pointed nose pliers. Carp pliers are generally equipped with a blade, which can help us cut metal. The head of pointed nose pliers is very small, so it is mostly used to manipulate parts in narrow places. During the use of pliers, pay special attention to wipe the oil on the pliers, otherwise it is easy to slip, In case of unnecessary loss, do not use pliers to forcibly twist the screws.

Wrenches commonly used in automobile maintenance generally include: Allen wrench, ring wrench, hook wrench, adjustable wrench, dual-use wrench, etc. the screws or nuts applicable to each wrench are different. Wrenches of different shapes should be carefully selected according to the surrounding restrictions and shapes of screws or nuts. This particular point of attention is that some wrenches can be adjusted automatically, It can be applied to some irregular nuts with special shapes.

Special tools:

The professional tools necessary for automobile maintenance generally include jack, spark plug sleeve, oscilloscope, etc., which are basically difficult to see in our daily life. If they are not professional in automobile maintenance, they are estimated to be rarely seen in our daily life. As the name suggests, jacks are used to lift cars or other heavy objects, mainly including hydraulic jacks and screw jacks. When using jacks, special attention should be paid to that maintenance personnel are not allowed to work under the lifted car or heavy objects until the jacks are fully fixed. When dropping the jacks, they should slowly twist the switch, In this way, the car or heavy objects will fall slowly and will not fall suddenly, causing unnecessary losses.

The spark plug sleeve is specially used to open the spark plug of the engine. There is nothing to introduce. People in the repair industry have generally learned how to use it. The models and sizes of automobile spark plugs that need special attention are different. Different models should use different spark plug sleeves. Don't make mistakes.

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