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Necessary common tools in the car

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First aid kit

The box should be equipped with bandages, gauze, disinfectants and other first-aid drugs for first aid in case of accidents.

Insulating gloves

It is mainly used to keep both hands clean during emergency maintenance and cleaning of the body, or for heat insulation when the engine cover or water tank cover is to be opened. It is best to use insulated gloves to avoid electric shock when dealing with electrical problems.

distilled water

Distilled water of about shall be kept on the vehicle. Ordinary clean water or mineral water shall not be used as battery water.

Small fire extinguisher

In the event of an accident in a modern car, there are few fires, but a fire extinguisher can save people's lives at any time.

Tire leak proof agent

It can play a leak proof function after the tire is punctured by sharp objects, so as to avoid the trouble of changing the tire immediately.

Original automobile manual

When the car has problems, for example, a warning light in the instrument panel is on, you can find out the cause from the manual.

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