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How to use the suction cup tool for door depression repair

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Use method of suction cup tool for door depression repair

First, what is sag repair technology? Car sunken repair is to repair the sunken part of the car paint to the original state. In general, it is acute and obtuse angle dents that can reach the original state. The main reason is that the depression without paint falling can be repaired as before, and the hail pit can be repaired perfectly.

The non-destructive repair of vehicle body depression is not a new technology. It was first invented by Germany. Many vehicle manufacturers use similar technology to repair damaged vehicles during factory inspection. This technology has also been introduced into the terminal market for six or seven years. 

The so-called non-destructive repair refers to the natural repair of body dents without the need for sheet metal and paint. Through a series of special crowbars and suction and extraction tools, skilled technicians can repair the depression on the body surface in only one or two hours without any trace, and the cost is only three or five hundred yuan. If it is a pothole the size of an egg, it takes only a few minutes and costs less.

The automobile dent repair technology is not omnipotent. It is limited to the parts without paint damage. Vehicles made of iron and aluminum can be repaired. Now, in order to save costs, some auto manufacturers replace iron and aluminum with hard plastic. Then there's nothing this technology can do.

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