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How to use the hand Jack

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Hand operated shoulder jack is a kind of Jack. This kind of Jack plays the role of lifting and lifting the top and shoulder in a variety of projects. It is simple, flexible and reliable. It is suitable for factories, warehouses, docks, railways and other industries.

Hand shoulder top

How to use the hand Jack:

1. According to the center of gravity of the heavy object, the placement position of the hand-operated shoulder top shall be selected, so as not to turn over when lifting.

2. During lifting and landing, the area of the shoulder top or foot of the hand-operated shoulder top must be in contact with the heavy object to ensure sufficient strength to prevent the heavy object from falling.

3. The ground on which the hand messenger top is placed shall be firm.

4. Before use, check whether there is jamming or abnormality. Only when everything is normal can it be used.

The above is the correct way to use the hand-operated overhead Jack. If you have other questions, you can call for consultation.

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