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Do you know some hidden functions in the car

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Let's take a look at the hidden functions?

1. You can shift gears at will when the car is off

Many car owners should know that after the car stalls, they can't shift gears at will. If they want to shift gears, they have to ignition. This is very troublesome. What if you want to change gears when the engine is off? The little secret is in the small hole on the side of the gearbox. Some cars will protect the small hole with a cover to prevent blockage. Some cars may not have it. We put the car key in this small hole and we can shift gears at will. It's easy and convenient.

2. What's the use of the iron bar in the car tool

Car owners will find that when they first buy a car, they will give you a set of tools with several iron bars. What's the use? In fact, these iron rods are jacks, rocker rods, wrenches and ring-shaped iron rods. So what's the use of circular iron bars? In fact, this is used for trailer to prevent accidents. We need to open the cover in front of the vehicle and fix the trailer ring inside to let the tractor trailer.

3. The door handle can also lock the door

As we all know, if you need to lock the car, you need to press the lock button on the key to lock the car. You may not know that the door handle can lock the car? (excluding those cars that can lock automatically) we just need to put our hands on the two bars of the door handle when we get off the bus. At this time, the door will lock automatically. This is really high technology.

4. Correct usage of automatic headlamp

Many car owners will check whether their lights are all turned off before they get off. In fact, many vehicles will be equipped with automatic headlights. We don't need to turn off the lights when we get off. Some car owners will turn off the automatic headlights manually. In fact, this is a superfluous act. The automatic headlights will turn off automatically after 15 ~ 30 seconds, Light your way home.

5. Anti glare function of rearview mirror

When driving at night, I think the last thing you want to see is the person driving the high beam, which will stimulate our eyes and affect our visual range, and some unnecessary accidents may occur. Therefore, the importance of the anti glare function of the rearview mirror is reflected at this time. We just need to dial down this in the figure.

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